For a long time now, it has been clear to us and many others that powerful local communities can be a big part of the answer to some of the biggest challenges facing us – such as inequality, local decline, loneliness and mistrust.

But for the brilliant people making things happen at the local level, it can feel like pushing a rock up a hill. That’s because the powers that really matter still seem to be held as far away from communities as possible. And at the highest levels of politics and public debate, the idea of community power still hasn’t quite cut through.

Our campaign is setting out to change that status quo. It’s called We’re Right Here: the Campaign for Community Power; and we’re going to call for a Community Power Act – legislation to ensure that local people have the power they need to shape the places where they live.

We would be delighted if you could attend our launch event. You will hear from some of the brilliant community leaders who are in the driving seat of this campaign. But most importantly, you’ll have a chance to share your own thoughts about the campaign and be part of the effort from its earliest stages.

Shared on behalf of We're Right Here

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